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Movie Tone News Jay 2019

Hello & welcome to this months news, with Christmas & the New Year fading into the past things are busy at N&D studio's with lots going on & all departments working hard to try to make this year at lest as good as the last but hopefully better.

So what's going on ? oddly enough this year has started like the last one in that another boat has been made by the props team, this one has been in waiting even longer then the one that was done last year.

It's a cargo-ship from TT Combat & I have to say this went together like a dream plus its easily comes apart making assess to the rooms no problem something that couldn't be said for the paddle steamer that was done last year.
I've since taking the pictures gotten some paint on it & was hopping to use it in a up coming release but have decide not to wait, more on the reason why will be explained below

Its a big kit so there's plenty of room for gaming on it, the only draw back for me is the scale is more 32mm or 35mm bu I'm sure the cameraman can over come this :)

The sets team have also been busy & build a nice little park square, these think where quite common in the Victorian days.
sorry about the poor pictures but you get the idea 

It has only one entrance so other then using he gate to enter will require a stunts test also shooters could use it for firing across known that a brawler would have a harder time getting to him/her.
I still want to add a few more details may be a couple of benches & a postbox  

Lots of new stars have also been hired so costume & makeup are flat out as well.
These are but a few of the new stars you'll be seen through out the year, these & some others that are now finished have been put on clear bases

All of this brings me to the main point of this month's news & that is what good is all of this stuff if no movie's are been released ? N&D is no different then other studio's in building up their collection but not getting thing on the screen.

A game within  a blog, what does that mean ? good question, now I made no bones about the fact that the most enjoyable part of this hobby for me is making movie's (playing games & AAR's), looking back over the last year in last month's news I noticed out put of movie's dropped off near the end of the year & that's somethings I want to fix & here's the plan.

Budget, well to say that the budget has been well & truly blown on new stars & props would be an understatement but I'm not going in to all that, so time for them to start earning their living, the plan is to link the budget to movie's.
So when I release a movie I'll check after a month to see how many people have seen it & that will be added to my hobby budget, also for a movie to qualify it must have something new in it, be it a star a set of a prop.

The think behind all of this is simple, 1 if I want to buy something I'll have to make movie's, 2  because there needs to be something new in it it should encourage me to get stuff done & 3 like everybody else in this business I buy stuff & like the ship above it can be left lying around for a long time, so only having a limit on when I can spend & how much should help in getting old stuff done & help cut down on buying on impulse.
Needless to say things like glue, paint &  brush's won't come out of the budget, but everything else will. 
In other news my mate Darra was home for Christmas & is the case when he over we got a game in, this time it was Congo, I had taking a few pictures & had intended to show them here but have misplaced the phone I use for picture's, but luckily Darra  had also taking some & has put up an AAR on his blog, so if you like a look there's a link below.

Well that's it for this month's news, so its a goodnight from me & a goodnight from him, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it would be welcomed :)


Friday, 28 December 2018

Movie Tone News December 2018


This months news is old news you could say as we look back at what the studio done over the last year.

January & February the studio was still operation as If it wasn't for Ones, but January seen the building of the Paddle Steamer, a model I'd had for a long time.
January also seen the Perilous Island campaign reach the said Perilous Island & was infect the  one & only campaign I ever got to complete.
The shot above I used as the logo for P.I & is one of my favorite shots, January seen 2 P.I releases.

While February seen a remake of the classic movie Murder by Death called Murder by Death the Remake.
This movie seen Chip Spud & Tasha Stripvo in their first movie rolls & was also the first comedy I ever tried, if it worked or not only you can say.
March seen the move to Nickel & Dime studio's & the first Movie Tone News as well as three episodes of P.I
With two of them shot as one.
 March also seen the intro for Outer World Investigations.
April Had the first two parts of the first O.W.I but the story was left unfinished'
but hopefully we'll return to it in the Newyear, there was also a Dress rehearsal for Riper Wars but this project was binned.
April closed with the return of Chip & Tasha in the lead rolls.
May Started with the horror The Dream Stone which I think is the best script I've written.
It was a short story but the stuff of nightmares, still in May we returned to THSOA & a nice little boat trip.
As Connie, Taylor & company made their way to Livingston
June seen the conclusion of P.I as we watched in horror as the Island blew itself apart
before slipping into the sea,
with some of our hero's still on it.
There was a dress rehearsal for Congo, now Congo I really like but I need to figure away to do it solo, so this project is on hold.
June closed with chapter 7 of THSOA as now safely in Livingstone the parties went their different ways.
July, seen Connie, Taylor & Marco head off into the wilds.
August, had the crew assembled for 5 Parsecs & a film shot for it but a mishap seen the movie deleted,
this project will be returned to.
THSOA, brought about a terrible event with the death of Marco Boswell.
September, & with Marco dead & the party lost it was left to Col Fairweather to lead them out of the mountains,
but any joy was short lived & after a Prelude & 10 Chapters the tale came to a close with Taylor lying on the ground wounded & Connie been lead away as a captive.
Also in September I'd my first look at a THW gaming with dress rehearsal for High Moon Dead Reckoning,
this will be seen action in the Newyear when the casts & sets have be completed.
October, Astounding Tales came to the four-front after many years of trying to work out how to get it to work, with the Phantom Jungle  movie.
Phantom Jungle seen the biggest star of the studio's take to the screen.
This movie was hands down the most enjoyable one to make that I've done to-date, from shooting it to doing the script it was a hell of a bit of slap-stick :)
October was to end with two releases, Reel one of Secret of the Corpse Diamond Temple staring Chip & Tasha.
                                                                  & for Halloween The Slave Children of the Obelisk.
November sadly seen no releases.
December & Reel 2 of Secret of the Corpse Diamond Temple.
                                                                                                                                                                Of coarse the year wasn't just about making movie's as stuff was been done for up coming events, some of which have already hit the screen,The studio's jungle terrain got a face lift.
While something snaked its way into the studio
Remember this clue to what my new project was going to be ?
All ways reveled as new stars started to arrive.
Also done was the first of what the studio's hope to be many.
Our first set in a box.
Things like this are imo great & can be switched out to be different places.
Plus on going work.
Over all a very good year, with lots in the pipe-line for the next one :)
That's it from the news team for this year, so it's a Happy Newyear from me & a Happy Newyear from him :) As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed :)                                 

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Marry Christmas

Wishing all the viewers a Marry Christmas from all at Nickel & Dime :)


Monday, 17 December 2018

Secret of Corpse Diamond Temple, Reel 2

                                                  A Nickel & Dime Production
                                              Staring Chip Spud & Tasha Stripov
The first part of this tale can be found here

Upon reaching the house Chip quickly explained to Harker & Monica what had happened, while Sir Donald grabbed a changed of shirt; different hat & a .45, Tasha took the opportunity to get a bottle of vodka from the drinks cabinet & then they were out the door heading for the car.
Sir Donald"We should be able to catch them up as there's only the one road that leads to both the house here & the shack"

Jumping into the drivers seat with Sir Donald beside him & Tasha in the back, Chip started the car up & spun it round in a cloud of dust, then race off quickly moving up through the gears.
It wasn't long before they seen the tail lights of the truck up ahead of them, ping  as a bullet ricocheted off the hood, the shot had come from the back of the truck, hearing the sound Tasha took a good swig of vodka.
Chip with his foot to the floor closed the gap; as the truck slowed as it went around a couple of curves.
On a straight section of road the truck quickly picked up speed again as it raced clear of the woods with the car in hot pursuit, but with a sharp bend ahead the driver hit the brakes hard.
With the truck slowing down to go into the bend the car once again closing the gap.
Chip" Now Donald while we're so close & their slowed down try shoot out the back tyre"
Leaning out the window Donald fired but the shot missed.
Out of the bend they raced on into the night.
Lights could be seen up ahead as a truck approached from the opposite direction, but there was a series of curves coming up fast.
With the truck once again slowed Chip decided to take a gamble & keeping the speed up aimed the car to clip the back corner of the truck hoping to put it into a tail spin.
Things didn't go according to plan & while the truck wobbled a bit Chip lost control of the car & it plunged off the road into some foliage
Chip hit his head on the steering wheel as the car came to a sudden stop & was knocked out cold, while Tasha was tossed a round the back of the car, oddly enough Donald came out of the crash 100% & after dragging the pair out of the car flagged down the on coming truck.
An elderly man got out of the truck & approached, Man " you guys alright ?"
At this point Chip & Tasha both got back to the feet, Chip had a gash on his forehead which was bleeding, while Tasha although feeling a bit woosie  was unhurt.
Tasha" Nothing a vodka wouldn't fix"
Donald" Don't tell me you've drank the bottle already ?"
Tasha" No the damn thing broke in the crash & went all over me"

Man" Well I'm glad you folk are alright, may I offer you a lift some place As I don't think your car is going to be drive-able, name is Jacob by the way"
Donald introduced them all & told Jacob where they were staying & that if it wasn't to much out of his way they would be very grateful.
Jacob" No trouble at all, now lets get on-board, the little lady can ride up front with me & you lads can hope on the back"

Back at the house.
Donald" What was the idea of ramming the their truck Mr Spud ? we could have just stayed on their trail, now we've lost them & in doing so put Erica firmly in danger"
Chip" I don't often explain myself but will do so this time, what do you think would have happened as they passed that other truck ?I tell you, they would have tried shooting out the tyres or worse still maybe shot Jacob, either of which could have ended with us hitting his truck head on, I tried something that didn't work, but in my experience was our only choice"
Quincy" Gentleman please, bickering between ourselves isn't going to get Erica back, Chip I hired you to get my daughter back so what's our next move ?
Chip" At the moment all we can do is sit tight until they contact us with their demands, I'll go & look over the old shack in the morning in the hope they might have been careless & left some clue behind as to where their headed but I wouldn't be hopeful.

Two days later they get a phone call, Erica is in the hands of Archibald Meade & in return for her safe return he wants some Sonic Resonators which one of Quincy Harker's companies make, they'll call back in a couple of days to arrange the trade, but warn Quincy that if he ever wants to see his daughter alive again not to call the Fed's.
Voice on the phone" Do you have the Sonic Resonators Mr Harker ?"
Quincy" Yes, but I want to talk to Erica"
Voice" You will soon enough Mr Harker if you do as your told, the exchange will take place 3 miles west of Santa Rose New Mexico at first light the day after tomorrow, send your son-inlaw alone with the parts & remember no Fed's"

As luck would have it Chip had an old friend who was the Sheriff of the area & was sure he could get him on-board without it been official.
Daybreak  & Chip watch's from a distance as the exchange takes place, but after awhile gets the feeling that things aren't going as they should.
Chip" Quick everybody in the car, Tasha you drive"
Woman" Walk away while we move the parts into our truck "
Donald" I'm going nowhere without Erica"
Woman Don't have me put a bullet in her pretty little head, now move"
Donald" Not without my wife"
Woman" Okay then but don't try anything or your new wife will be your new widow"
The woman spots the car as it comes racing in to view.
Woman" What the hell, quick get the parts "
While she's distracted Donald grabs Erica & pulls her around the truck.
But she's not distracted for long & as the two men climb on to the truck to get the crate she's after them.
A shot rings out, Woman" Nice try now back over here to me Erica"
Tasha hits the brakes &
everyone jumps out, as the two men carry the create.
Woman "Lets all stay cool no need for anyone to die here"
With the create loaded on the truck & Tasha having moved the car the woman jumps on the back still covering Erica.
Woman" Nice doing business with you guys, now have a good day"
With that the truck speeds off, but Chip & the guys have a new problem.

 Chip" What are these things ? quickly Erica, Donald get into the truck.
As they drove off the woman on the back of the truck opened fire before calling out " Enjoy the bots.
Tasha gets into the car & drives it in front of them & then hops out to join Chip.
Tasha" They weren't taking a changes on the exchange Chip, but now we've got to get Erica out of here"
As hot blooded as ever Tasha charges into the middle of them followed by Chip who fires while doing so.
Tasha lashes out & smacks out of them with the butt of her pistol knocking him to the ground.
While Chip shoots one & then rushes another.
Two down four to go he thinks.
Tasha" Look that thing with me hitting your friend,  it was like a misunderstanding, how about we have a vodka & forget the whole thing?"
Four becomes five as one of the downed bots regains his feet
& the odds change again as Tasha is knocked is sent flying.
But she hops back up just as Chip hits the deck.
Like a hellcat Tasha lashes out sending another sprawling.
With Donald & Erica in the truck the Sheriff jumps off the back & tell them to get going &
ordering his deputy to stay with them runs to the aid of his friends.
One of the bots heads for him,
soon joined by another.
As the truck drives away, Chips groggily gets back on is feet.
The Sheriff is in the tick of things now & pistol lashes one of the bots then turns to the other one.
Chip lands a good blow with the butt of his pistol on a bots head & its lights go out.
but no sooner does that happen when Tasha is knocked for six.
Apart from the one out cold the bots just keep on getting back up, & the guys are tiring.
As the Sheriff hits the ground Chip wonders is this how it will all end.
But he gets a good swing at another one & that goes down & stays down, the odds are starting to change again,
even more so as the Sheriff stands back up.
Chip "Try for the head Barney that seem to put them down for good"
Barney" I see what you mean" as another one falls.
Soon they have the rest of them down.
As they get Tasha back on her feet, Chip" Easy does it girl you took a heavy blow to the head"
Tasha" I must have it feels like a three day binge hangover "
Chip " You okay to drive Tasha ?
Tasha" Sure as long as its just the normal kind"
Chip" Great, Barney give us a hand to get one of these things into the car I want to take one with us & get out of here before they all start coming back around"
Chip " Right Tasha lets get going"
To be continued
As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to be a movie critic you comment would be welcomed :)


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