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Slave children of the Obelisk

A Nickel & Dime Studio's Production

It had always been there, long before the first human settlers came it had been there, but what was the reason for it was & who built it & of what was it built , to these question no one has been able to find an answer, until now that is but some questions are best left unanswered.

4 months ago an old man wander in to the town, He's a harmless old gent the people would say, sure he a bit mad spending all that time day after day just staring  at that old obelisk but there's no harm in him, those that lived to tell the tale don't say that anymore.
Halloween night & the old gent is not only staring at the monolith but he can be heard to be saying strange words that any that heard him did not understand & then for the first time in millenniums uncounted  the strange groves in it started to glow & those that where near & seen it started to move closer.
Oblivious to the people who started to gather around him the old man continued speaking the strange words, & then out of thin air it appeared a creature na not a creature a daemon  & the killing started.
Still the old man kept it up saying the words over & over & faster & faster as more of the foul things came into being, blood red they were with great big swords with ruins engraved on them, those not already dead turned & fled in terror screaming.
Some ran for their homes & bared themselves in but to little good, while many others ran to the church but there was no God there to save them, but not all people are the same & there are those that will refuse to go like lambs to the slaughter, the killing this Halloween night has only just begun.
Five brave men make a stand, their plan to try to find anyone left a live & put an end to the ungodly things.
I'm using clear base as the PEF makers, there's one near the back left hand side & the other two are at the front, which if you look closely you can just make out.
At the same time as the last of the screams for the dying can be heard coming from the church The men split into three & head for different buildings.
So far they've not seen any of the daemons but know their still around from the horrific screams echoing through the night, with visibility low the men keep their eye's peeled.
Two of them enter the nearness building while the others reach the doors of two more.
Hearing something a lone man turns & stares into the night but can see nothing, I've got to keep a grip he thinks to himself, just as he's about to turn back to the door he see it.
He fires from the hip but the thing is unnaturally fast & charges straight for him, he kept firing but it just kept coming & then it was on him.
 No slough in a fight the man made a good show off it, trying with all his will not to let the terror of what was he facing over come his reactions,In a small house next to were the fight was taking place two of the men had found a woman hiding & while one of them was trying to convince her it wasn't safe to stay here the other looked out out of the windows in the front.

15 seconds that seemed an eternity to the man before the blade entered his chest & pushed out through his back & as his friend looked from the window he fell the the ground, yet another victim of this night of horror.

Sending the lady out the door they had entered from the two men gained the roof of the building viva a wood hatch-door.
Seen there friend dead on the ground with the thing standing over him filled them with even more rage then they had already felt.
 As one they opened fire but if they hit it or not they couldn't tell as the thing took off  ducking around the corner of the building.
The faint back was only a decoy & from around the back of the building it now rusted them clearing the little wall & closing the gap to them with lightning speed, they got off a couple of shots but it was of little use & with a mighty leap it was on the roof beside them.
Without taking the time to balance itself it slashed out nearly cutting one of the men in half, before spinning round & lobbing the head from the other.
By this time the last two men had entered a two story building & finding no one on the ground floor made their way carefully up the stairs, a creek of a floorboard quickly followed by bullets punching out their side of a door let them know there was someone up here & they called out to them to stop firing.
The noise had the unwelcoming effect of alerting the daemon that had slaughtered their friends to the fact that someone was in the building & as they spoke to the man that had nearly filled them with lead they heard the door starting to open downstairs.
Knowing that the thing would soon be up the stairs after them they climbed out the window on to the straw canopy balancing on the support beams.
From there they leaped to the ground.
Upon landing they ran to a building on the far side of the town.
If they thought they had shaken their pursuer they were mistaken, as the thing busted from the building they just left in pursuit.
Still they had put some distance between themselves & it, but they knew it wouldn't take long for it to catch them up, still if they could get to the roof they might be able to kill it as it crossed the rest of the way.
Looking neither to their left or right they pushed open the hatch to the roof & climbed up.
Their plan seemed to work & in a hail of bullets they stopped the thing in its tracks.
But in their hast they'd made a faithful error for they'd not noticed the daemon in the building as they rushed to the roof & now it came on them out of the hatch giving them no time to turn & fire.
by one

 by one they quickly fell,
 for such was the ferocity of the attack.
When a rancher that lived some ten miles out of town arrived the next morning to pick up some supplies it was a ghastly sight that welcomed him with blood & body parts everywhere, of the old man or the daemons there was no sign.
Later that day a woman was found in a cave a couple miles to the west, one of only three survivors of the bloody Halloween night.
The other two were a young boy & girl who had some how manged to stay hidden through that horrible night.

The town now stands abandoned, deserted with everything over grown apart that is for the Obelisk as nothing ever has or will grow were that stands as it has for millenniums untold.
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Secret of Corpse Diamond Temple, Reel 1

                                  Nickel & Dime Productions
                           Secret of Corpse Diamond Temple
                           Staring Chip Spud & Tasha Stripov

Reel 1 The Billionaire's Daughter Vanishes

Chicago 1930 something it's not that important.
The Billionaire Quincy Harker has just recently acquired an old plantation down in Louisiana to add to his worldwide portfolio, & his only daughter Erica freshly married to Sir Donald Blackwell have headed down to spend their honeymoon there.

The plantation was formally owned by the brilliant but mad scientist Archibald  Meade, who under F.B.I investigation seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.

Tasha was out when the phone rang, probably gone for some vodka & cigars thought Chip as he lifted the receiver to his ear,
"Chip Spud Private Investigators how may I help you ?"
Women's voice "Hello may I speak to Mr Spud please"
Chip"This is him"
Woman"My name is Monica, I'm  Quincy Harker's personal assistant I wonder if you could come over to his home at once, it is a matter of the graves important's"

Writing down the address Chip told her he'd be over in about 20 minutes or 30 depending on the traffic before hanging up, he then quickly scribbled down a note for Tasha before heading out the door.
Upon arriving Chip was lead into what seemed to be a dinning room by Monica, where Quincy Harker was waiting.
Harker" Mr Spud how good of you to come over so quickly"
Chip" Your P.A sounded quite perturbed over the phone, would you be so kind as to tell me what the problem is ?
Harker" Please that a seat"
Harker" Early this morning I received a phone call from my son-inlaw Donald Blackwell telling my that my daughter Erica had mysteriously vanished from their bedroom late last night, they were only wed 3 days ago & had gone down to a property I'd recently required down in Louisiana "
Chip" Have the local authorities been informed ? it's a long way from here & if there's anything underhanded going on the quicker action is take the better chances of getting a good result"
Harker"I'm not sure of what has happened other then my daughter is missing so I'd perfare not to involve the authorities at this point in time, besides I've got my private plane standing by & we could be down there by evening, please understand my daughter is everything to me & if you can find her safely you can name your price"
Chip" My fee is 50 bucks a day & if you can agree to that I'll take the case"
Harker"Excellent Mr Spud, I'm so glad you'll help me find Erica "
Chip" Call me Chip Mr Spud was my father's name, now I just need to nip home & grab a few things & Tasha, I'll meet you at the airfield say in about 90 minutes"
Harker" We'll be waiting for you there"

Chip" Tasha pack a bag quickly we're heading off"
Tasha" Chip your taking me on vacation how wonderful"
Chip"No such thing doll its a case, we're heading down to Louisiana"

Tasha"Great I can get some duty free"
Chip just looked at her but didn't say anything.
At this point you can do the whole map Indiana Jones music in your head as I couldn't be bothered, & besides its been done to death at this stage.

The group arrived at the plantation as the shadows of the day were lengthen, Sir Donald upon hearing the car came out to meet them, by this time Tasha was well oiled having enjoyed Harker's hospitality on-board the plane.
Once inside chip asked Sir Donald to tell him what had happened,leaving out no detail no matter how small.
Sir Donald"Just before 11 last night Erica went to our bedroom while I went to do my nightly business before joining her"
Chip"Your nightly business ?"
Monica leaned over & whispered in Chip's ear.
Chip" Right I see, you went to the John to take a dump"
Sir Donald"Quite, anyway as I was saying, I'd only just entered the W.C when I heard Erica  scream & I ran to our room to find the door locked, Erica  I called out are you alright ? open the door, getting no reply I forced the door open & went in, but the room was completely empty & Erica was nowhere to be found.             
After hearing Sir Donald's story Chip interviewed the staff but
all he learned from them was that they left the house before dark & that when they returned this morning Sir Donald told them the the Lady of the house was missing.
When chip asked them why they leave before dark all they would say was it was because of the man who lived over in the old grave keepers house, a strange man he is & was a friend of the old owner of the house, & if it was ok they like to leave now as it would soon be dark.
Letting the staff go the group headed up to the bedroom, Chip checked the door on the way in & noticed it had indeed been forced in from the outside, walking over to the windows.
Chip"When you came in last night did you look to see if the windows were locked Sir Donald ?"
Sir Donald"I did indeed Chip, they were both locked"
Chip while looking out one of the windows" It's a good drop to the ground from here & as they were both locked I think we can rule out that anyone left the room that way"
Harker" Its a real mystery my poor Erica where could she be ?"
They all searched the room hoping to find some clue that might help them, Tasha took a keen interest in the fireplace but didn't notice anything, must be from all the vodka.
Finding nothing to shed any light on what had happened to Erica they went back down the stairs & out to the back of the house, the moon was full & covered everything in a silvery light.
Yes I'm shamelessly plugging my Son's book again as we'd the official launch in my house last Saturday, now back to the movie :)

 Outside they searched the ground a round the house but once more came up empty handed.
Chip"We need to widen our search, Tasha you head over right with Sir Donald, Mr Harker you & Monica come with me & stay close.

At the same time a strange looking man was entering the graveyard
Tasha & Sir Donald's search proved futile but Chip found a ladies bracelet near some hedging.
After been told by Harker that the bracelet was indeed Erica's,Chip" Its as I thought, there must be some kind of secret passage way from the house, you'll find the entrance is near here, well at least we know she came this way"

They headed over to the pathway & just as Chip was about to call out to Tasha & Sir Donald they spotted them, foul looking things 3 of them coming straight for them, it was to much for Monica & she let out a scream.
The scream was quickly followed by the sound of a .45, on hearing the scream & the shots Tasha pulled out her .22 & looking in direction which the shots had come from she seen them & froze.
Sir Donald" For Christ sake get a grip girl our friends are in trouble & need our help"
This brought her back to she senses & open fire adding the sound of her .22 to Chip's .45 in the still night air, but none of the things went down.
Backing up Chip keep blasting away & the lead one dropped, but if it was from his shots, Tasha shots or a combination of both is anyone's guess, as Tasha also kept firing as she & Sir Donald moved putting more distance between themselves & the things.
Chip"Run over to Tasha & Sir Donald"
Chip was faster but Harker was not a young man any more & Monica in high heels was slower yet, so Chip stopped, turned & fired as the others caught up, while they were running Tasha put another one down.
 As they all joined up Chip took down another, but more where spilling out of the graveyard. 
 Realizing that Harker or Monica would be of no help now he sent them back to the house,
as Sir Donald Tasha & himself pushed on, but yet more of the things where coming from the graveyard, then Tasha stopped & took the bottle of vodka from her bag, looking at her in amazement
Sir Donald said" I don't think now is a great time to be stopping for a drink.
He was even more amazed when Tasha ripped a piece of his shirt off & taking the lid off the bottle she stuffed the strip of the shirt into the top of the bottle & lit it.
Tasha" Try a Moldovan cocktail guys" & launched the lightning bottle.
She was on the money with the shot & as the bottle smashed the vodka caught fire lightning up the night & killing to of the creatures, while another one of them along with the strange man were set on fire.
On fire one of the creatures & the man came at them but the three o stud their ground with Chip & Tasha blasting away at them, then the man stopped & gazed at Tasha who all of a sudden stopped firing.
Turning towards Chip, Tasha pointed her gun at him & fired but luckily the only damage the shot did was to put a hole in Chip's hat, hardly believing what he was seen
Sir Donald rushed to Tasha grabbing her before she could shot again, if Chip had noticed what had happened its hard to say as he just carried on firing.
By this time Harker & Monica had arrived back at the house & once inside locked the door.
As Sir Donald grappled with Tasha the man ducked back out of sight,
the creature on the other hand came on at Chip seemly oblivious to the fact he was on fire.
Just as he was about to reach out to grab Chip a bullet smashed through it forehead bring an end to the foul thing.
This gave the man enough of time to more around the overgrowth & blindside Chip.
A hard slap to the face brought Tasha back to her senses, Tasha "Wow what happen ?"
Sir Donald" You seemed to be in some kind of trance"
Tasha" I'm find now you go grab your girl while I help Chip"
Tasha moved to help Chip fight the strange man,
but just as Sir Donald reach the shack the door opened & a woman stepped out pointing a gun at his head, she was followed by two men who had Erica, they then lifted her on to the back of the truck. 
One of the men got into the cab & started the truck while the other climbed up on the back, as soon as he was up there he pointed his rifle at Sir Donald & then the woman joined him.
Then the truck took off in a cloud of dust.
Hearing the noise of the truck Chip guess what had happened & with more of the foul things closing in on them said to Tasha "Time to get out of here.
As they turned to run he shouted out to Sir Donald to head back to the house.
To be continued

Designers note,Those of you who read the last post might be forgiven for thinking I did a bit of a u-turn on the whole Zomtober thing but if you were paying attention to the movie in stead of  trying to make woopy with the dame beside you will have noticed the Z word never happened, also I promised a horror movie for Halloween fear not this wasn't it :)

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