Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Slave children of the Obelisk

A Nickel & Dime Studio's Production

It had always been there, long before the first human settlers came it had been there, but what was the reason for it was & who built it & of what was it built , to these question no one has been able to find an answer, until now that is but some questions are best left unanswered.

4 months ago an old man wander in to the town, He's a harmless old gent the people would say, sure he a bit mad spending all that time day after day just staring  at that old obelisk but there's no harm in him, those that lived to tell the tale don't say that anymore.
Halloween night & the old gent is not only staring at the monolith but he can be heard to be saying strange words that any that heard him did not understand & then for the first time in millenniums uncounted  the strange groves in it started to glow & those that where near & seen it started to move closer.
Oblivious to the people who started to gather around him the old man continued speaking the strange words, & then out of thin air it appeared a creature na not a creature a daemon  & the killing started.
Still the old man kept it up saying the words over & over & faster & faster as more of the foul things came into being, blood red they were with great big swords with ruins engraved on them, those not already dead turned & fled in terror screaming.
Some ran for their homes & bared themselves in but to little good, while many others ran to the church but there was no God there to save them, but not all people are the same & there are those that will refuse to go like lambs to the slaughter, the killing this Halloween night has only just begun.
Five brave men make a stand, their plan to try to find anyone left a live & put an end to the ungodly things.
I'm using clear base as the PEF makers, there's one near the back left hand side & the other two are at the front, which if you look closely you can just make out.
At the same time as the last of the screams for the dying can be heard coming from the church The men split into three & head for different buildings.
So far they've not seen any of the daemons but know their still around from the horrific screams echoing through the night, with visibility low the men keep their eye's peeled.
Two of them enter the nearness building while the others reach the doors of two more.
Hearing something a lone man turns & stares into the night but can see nothing, I've got to keep a grip he thinks to himself, just as he's about to turn back to the door he see it.
He fires from the hip but the thing is unnaturally fast & charges straight for him, he kept firing but it just kept coming & then it was on him.
 No slough in a fight the man made a good show off it, trying with all his will not to let the terror of what was he facing over come his reactions,In a small house next to were the fight was taking place two of the men had found a woman hiding & while one of them was trying to convince her it wasn't safe to stay here the other looked out out of the windows in the front.

15 seconds that seemed an eternity to the man before the blade entered his chest & pushed out through his back & as his friend looked from the window he fell the the ground, yet another victim of this night of horror.

Sending the lady out the door they had entered from the two men gained the roof of the building viva a wood hatch-door.
Seen there friend dead on the ground with the thing standing over him filled them with even more rage then they had already felt.
 As one they opened fire but if they hit it or not they couldn't tell as the thing took off  ducking around the corner of the building.
The faint back was only a decoy & from around the back of the building it now rusted them clearing the little wall & closing the gap to them with lightning speed, they got off a couple of shots but it was of little use & with a mighty leap it was on the roof beside them.
Without taking the time to balance itself it slashed out nearly cutting one of the men in half, before spinning round & lobbing the head from the other.
By this time the last two men had entered a two story building & finding no one on the ground floor made their way carefully up the stairs, a creek of a floorboard quickly followed by bullets punching out their side of a door let them know there was someone up here & they called out to them to stop firing.
The noise had the unwelcoming effect of alerting the daemon that had slaughtered their friends to the fact that someone was in the building & as they spoke to the man that had nearly filled them with lead they heard the door starting to open downstairs.
Knowing that the thing would soon be up the stairs after them they climbed out the window on to the straw canopy balancing on the support beams.
From there they leaped to the ground.
Upon landing they ran to a building on the far side of the town.
If they thought they had shaken their pursuer they were mistaken, as the thing busted from the building they just left in pursuit.
Still they had put some distance between themselves & it, but they knew it wouldn't take long for it to catch them up, still if they could get to the roof they might be able to kill it as it crossed the rest of the way.
Looking neither to their left or right they pushed open the hatch to the roof & climbed up.
Their plan seemed to work & in a hail of bullets they stopped the thing in its tracks.
But in their hast they'd made a faithful error for they'd not noticed the daemon in the building as they rushed to the roof & now it came on them out of the hatch giving them no time to turn & fire.
by one

 by one they quickly fell,
 for such was the ferocity of the attack.
When a rancher that lived some ten miles out of town arrived the next morning to pick up some supplies it was a ghastly sight that welcomed him with blood & body parts everywhere, of the old man or the daemons there was no sign.
Later that day a woman was found in a cave a couple miles to the west, one of only three survivors of the bloody Halloween night.
The other two were a young boy & girl who had some how manged to stay hidden through that horrible night.

The town now stands abandoned, deserted with everything over grown apart that is for the Obelisk as nothing ever has or will grow were that stands as it has for millenniums untold.
As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to be a movie critic your  comment it would be most  welcomed :)


  1. Spooky! A perfect Halloween scenario, Frank. Many thanks for sharing as I thoroughly enjoyed that. I do love a story with a happy ending!

    1. Thanks Bryan, Been an Irish studio & Halloween been Irish I like to put out a horror to celebrate the day :)

      As John I'm sure will tell you my happy ending's are not always for the side most people think it will be for lol

  2. What a great Halloween read, thoroughly enjoyed this romp for my favourite time of year

  3. Thanks Dave, I thought it would be fitting for the time of year :)

  4. Well I suppose that's one way to cut the budget - kill all the actors! :)
    Another great story Frank, well done.

    I like the buildings, everyone does simple Adobe but the hinges on the doors and shutters make then stand out and you made a really good job of the writing on one of them, nice and faded.

    1. Thanks John, I see the light if finally dawning on you mate with the actors, if their not dead their looking for wages every week so much cheaper to kill them off & get new ones :)

      The buildings are the first ones I ever built using cork & I've gotten plenty of use out of them, I thinking like with everything its the little details that add so much.

  5. well, that was a bloodbath and a very fitting Halloween scenario, but aren't the goo dguys supposed to win ?

  6. Thanks Joe, who the good guys are is always subjective imho :)

  7. Great stuff there Frank! Very Peckinpah-esque killing all your "actors" 😄

    1. Thanks Ivor, but I'm not sure I agree as there are plenty of actors that I've not killed yet, I believe this whole I kill off all of my actors is only scaremongering incited by Vagabond studio's to make it impossible to hire actors & put me out of business. lol

    2. I think I can probably sue for slander, you will be hearing from my lawyers in the very near future.

    3. Lol sue away, the lawyers would cost you a lot more mate then I could ever pay :)

  8. Apologies for my late comment, and congratulations on a cracking Halloween Horror special :-)
    I thoroughly enjoyed this one Frank, and you've cleverly left the option of a sequel open - save me a seat if you do!

  9. Thanks Greg & better late then never :) tbh the thought of a sequel never entered my head as I only see this as a one off movie.

  10. That was grisly. No happy ending in sight.
    There's a sequel hidden in this story...



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