Friday, 4 September 2020

Movie Tone News September 2020

Good evening & welcome to this months news, there's an old saying" that no news is good news" but in this case that's not really so as from a hobby point of view I've still not done much, but I am messing around with different things & feel that surely (I know don't call me surely lol) if only slowly I am pulling away from the hobby blackhole.

So then what is this news post going to be about you ask ? well its going to be different to the normal, but in a world that is at this moment very different then normal maybe that's ok, tbh I'm winging is this post & that might mean I'll ramble a bit so please bare with me, as for me its another step in the right direction :)

Even through the dark days of not doing anything hobby wise I still pick up some things & one of those things was a hotwire table I picked up from a guy I know that had ordered two by a mistake, & that's one of the things I've been messing around with, this brings me on to something else that I'm also trying to get the hang of & that's Greenstuff rollers.

Greenstuff rollers are designed to be used with, yep you guessed it greenstuff but also work very well on other things but be warned are not as simple to use as they might look on u-tube videos, but at least even if its only trying to get the hang of using the hotwire table & the rollers it is something hobby related, another plus from doing this is that from time to time I've picked up some models & did a bit of painting, so as you see its baby steps but its something.

Another thing I want to cover in this post is Larger then Life the Directors Cut from Two Hour Wargames, now this is really more of an RPG then a table top game, in fact most of this game is played out away from the table, this had me puzzled for a long time as to how I might do something on this blog from the game & then I remembered that Vagabond had done a series of NUTS games while he was an hols & had done write ups on them but with no pictures other then little, I'll call them plans on bits of paper.

This gave me an idea that I briefly mentioned some months back called Radio Days, so basically what Radio Days is going to be is stories with no pictures & I have to say that I think it a very fitting way to cover this game as it really is very story driven, here's a little out take from the first episode.

Karl Timperman stirred, as the ringing sound came again he reached out switched on the bedside lamp & looked at his watch, which showed the time was 6:24 am. Who would be phoning at this hour of the morning he though as he got out of bed & headed for the living-room to answer the phone.
Karl "Karl Timperman"
Woman's voice "Karl its Esther Labelle, something awful has happened, I was wonder if you be so good as to come over to the house"
Karl " Do you want to tell what's wrong Esther"
Esther "I'd prefer not to say over the phone, but its very urgent could you come at once"
Karl could hear the anxiety in her voice, as she replied.                                                                            Karl"I just have a quick shower & shave & I'll be on my way"                                                        Esther" Thanks Karl" then a click as she hung up.

Now I don't want to give anything away here but I'll cover what you've most likely guessed, In  Larger then Life the Directors Cut the first thing you got to do is make up a star, unless your using one that you had made up before.

Star,Karl Timperman, American works for Harvard Academia   Rep 5 Adventurer, Attributes, Hard as nails Once during each scene the character will treat its first Out of the Fight result as Carry On instead, Smooth counts a +1d6 to taking a talk the talk test, Cruel counts a +1d6 to taking a talk test against characters with a lower rep.
Circle Exotic
Profession Explorer
Home Middle Residential New York City.

After that you go about building up what the story is by rolling on different tables, which is where Esther comes from, now needless to say you've got to come up with your own names & flash out the story as the tables are only pointing you in a certain direction.

Esther Labelle, Rep 3  Patron Civilian
Circle Mover,
Profession  Patron Civilian
Athlete: Counts a +1 to Rep when taking a Physical Challenge.

So what could have happened that Esther needs Karl's help for ? well you'll have to wait until I release it to find out. :)
Larger then Life the Directors Cut is a game that in one story could take you to many different locations & the studio just doesn't have near enough sets to cover all of this which is why doing it as a Radio show from that point of view also helps.

In other news, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to do things going forward as a lot of what I do on this blog can carry on over months & I like most I'd guess can often come bogged down on a project & that bad in a couple of ways, 1 is when I should put it a side for awhile until I feel I want to go back to it I carry on, & 2 when a project drags on to long its very hard for people following along to keep a track of what happened many months ago.

So what I've decided is that no story will be released until it is finished, now this might lead to not much happening on this blog for months on end & then a glut of posts together, but I think over all it should work better.

Just before I go, after the last post a former gaming pal of mine got in touch offering support & I'd like to thank him foe that, I won't name him but he knows who he is, so a BIG thanks mate :) 

Well that's it for this months news, so its a Goodnight from me & a Goodnight from him :)
As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it would be welcomed.






  1. Great to read a post from you Frank, sounds like the baby steps are helping, and look forward to seeing the fruits of this when your ready.
    Extremely jealous on the hotwire table, maybe one day I'll get one ! Couple of tricks with your rollers to bear in mind, make sure the material your rolling is already smooth before rolling and make sure the roller is well lubricated, water is the cheapest method, but cockpit spray for car interiors is excellent.
    Look forward to reading your adventures for radio, great idea and will hopefully get you back in the swing of blogging again

    1. Thanks Dave, I wouldn't say the hotwire cutter is top of the range or anything but it does the job, as for the rollers I'm using them on form so no need for lubrication but thanks for the input none the less.

      The trick is trying to keep the pressure consistent & trying to keep the roller straight while moving over the form, I would thing as with a lot of these things its a case of practice makes perfect, I hope :)

      Yep I think the radio thing will help, far to often I've wanted to do different things only to find that I'd need to build lots of terrain first, & as I'm sure you know building it is only half the problem as storing it is another.

  2. Hey Frank !
    Great to see you've found to post about your recent activity, I know I've been finding it difficult too, but at least you haven't beenup to your elbows in dirty soapy water over the last week like I have.
    There does come a time in our gaming exploits when we have to resolve to do something and I'm pleased you have found a new(ish) niche to explore.
    So Nickel and Dome Productions is now "N.& D. Prod. - Films and Radio" eh?

    1. Thanks Joe, Yep trying to find a way forward & hopefully it won't lead to me been in your predicament with soap & water :)

      In the ever changing world of the 1930's any company that stands still is dead in the water ;)

  3. One step at a time my friend. Hopefully it will lead to many more - I'm just completely stuck myself, I can't even lift that foot to attempt a step so you're way ahead of me. Big fan of the Greenstuff World rollers, they do sell little rubber attachments for the ends that help keep you in a straight line.
    Not sure if you're able to get it where you are but there is a fantastic app called 'Old Time Radio Player' that has all kinds of great old radio shows from the 30's and 40's, it's something I listen to while going to sleep all the time 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor, if there's a bit of advice I can offer its this, just try doing things that you've wanted to for awhile but haven't gotten around to & only do something for as long as its holding your interest

      Yep I have those little rings & they do help to keep the roller straight, I'll see if I can find that Radio thing on the net, but either way thanks for the heads up :)

    2. Down loaded that app Ivor & really enjoying it, thanks mate :)

  4. I've seen the greenstuff rollers and they look very interesting. I bought some thin sheets of insulation that I hope to turn into a town base someday and the rollers would be great for that.
    Good to see you posting again and Nickle and Dime Studios expanding into radio sounds a great idea.

    1. Thanks John, Its early days with the rollers for me but I've plans for a few different things that if I can master them will make things a lot easier.

      Well N&D going into radio is in no small part down to you; so I guess a thanks is in order :)

    2. Money orders are preferred to thanks but sometimes we just take what comes.
      take care :)



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